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This page contains a Flash City Planner and Optimizer for Lord of Ultima. If you don't know what Lord of Ultima is, it's a massively multi-player strategy game loosely set in the Ultima universe.

It is highly recommended you have LoU Tweak installed so that you can export your cities directly from within the game into this tool, then export your optimized cities from this tool back into LoU Tweak to get your city overlay in game.

Auto-Generated Resource City How-To

To quickly layout a resource city, simply import your city using the LoU Tweak link, enter the number of resource producing buildings you want to add (usually ~95-98), adjust the "Optimization Weights" higher for the resources you want to focus on (or just leave the defaults for a pretty good general purpose city), and click "Add". You can then fine tune your city as you see fit. If the "Add" button doesn't do what you want it to, you can always click "Reset Map" to reset things so you can adjust the weights and try again.

Military City Optimization

If you are building a military city, you'll want to select the "Military" tab in the lower left of the interface. This will show you a summary of troop build times, maximum capacities, and maximum expected food consumptions for the different troops your city can build.

The troop build times shown are before rounding. When you are recruiting units in the game, the game engine will round this number to the nearest second and use that value for the unit recruitment time, so when you are optimizing for fast unit recruitment a unit that we say takes 2.51 seconds to recruit will actually take 3.0 seconds in the game, and a unit that takes 2.49 seconds will actually take 2.0 seconds in the game. This is a key concept to be aware of when using this optimizer to build military cities. (Note: The troop planner does take this rounding into consideration, so it should be fairly accurate when planning your armies.)

Locking tiles

When you are adding and removing buildings, sometimes the optimizer will remove buildings you don't want removed. You can lock any building (by mousing over the building and hitting the space bar, or clicking the building and clicking the lock icon on the left) which will prevent any changes from happening to that tile.

Exporting your city to LoU Tweak

After you've laid out your city you can click the "Import/Export" button to copy the ShareString text. Once copied, in game you can click the [L] button (which appears when you are in the city view in the Building Queue) which will pop up a new window. Click the Overlay Layout tab, paste the ShareString in the text area you see, then click "Apply Layout".

Note: If you get an "invalid resource node position" error, it means you've accidentally placed a resource node (ore, forest, rock, lake) somewhere in the planner where there was not a resource node before. You'll need to find where this is and remove it before LoU Tweak will accept your sharestring.

Sharing Cities Layouts

To share a layout with another player simply click the Import/Export button, copy the Short Link, and paste it where your friend can see. (If you are archiving a city in a forum or something, it's probably better to use the Long Link, I may periodically clean what I deem to be unused Short Links sometime in the future, but the Long Links will always work.)

[2013-01-21] 1.7.6

  • Minor display fix for newer versions of flash

[2012-05-04] 1.7.5

  • Added special remove-everything-but-lakes button

[2011-12-15] 1.7.4

  • Added drop down to select between storage and weighted production view
  • Added stats on the number of producers you have and their average production values
  • Minor UI improvements

[2011-12-11] 1.7.3

  • Finally fixed old buildings

[2011-11-18] 1.7.2

  • Improved optimization algorithm
  • Fixed minor bugs

[2011-11-11] 1.7.1

  • Optimization weights are now remembered
  • Added city overlay templates